Back in hospital again but things are improving

Hello Everyone!

as you can see for the last week there has been very few updates on my blog, this is because I am in hospital again.
It’s hard being a young mum with so many medical problems which I have been battling for over a decade.
My recent bout of problems starting after developing Acute pancreatitis after having an ERCP procedure at a specialist hospital on 13th June, normally the body heals itself within 5-10 days but for some reason my body wants to drag it out! I am getting better just slowly.
I just wanted to let you all know that no matter how ill I am this blog isn’t going anywhere! In fact its only just started! I love money-saving and most importantly helping others save money! Make sure you subscribe for e-mail updates as we have some fantastic offers and exclusive deals coming up VERY soon.

And if you haven’t already –


Love from Holly Smith (Coupon Mum)

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