Back in hospital again but things are improving

Hello Everyone!

as you can see for the last week there has been very few updates on my blog, this is because I am in hospital again.
It’s hard being a young mum with so many medical problems which I have been battling for over a decade.
My recent bout of problems starting after developing Acute pancreatitis after having an ERCP procedure at a specialist hospital on 13th June, normally the body heals itself within 5-10 days but for some reason my body wants to drag it out! I am getting better just slowly.
I just wanted to let you all know that no matter how ill I am this blog isn’t going anywhere! In fact its only just started! I love money-saving and most importantly helping others save money! Make sure you subscribe for e-mail updates as we have some fantastic offers and exclusive deals coming up VERY soon.

And if you haven’t already –


Love from Holly Smith (Coupon Mum)


  1. Kate Greenhalgh says:

    Hi Holly, Thanks for keeping us all up to date. Just hope your health issues dramatically improve very soon- as they say in Lancashire “keep yer peckker up and keep smiling!”
    Very best wishes,

  2. Lindsey Graham says:

    Dear Holly, sorry to hear that you are back in hospital, my thoughts and best wishes are with you. Take care, sending love to you and your family. Kind regards, Lindsey x

  3. hi there, I wish you a speedy recovery ,thanks for letting us know what happening,i love to get your deals ,I cant even use them as I live in Ireland ,take care

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